How To Travel For Free On Airbnb

Last October I went on a short holiday to Grenada, in Spain and stayed in a beautiful house with superb views of the Alhambra….for free.

How? With Airbnb referral credits.

How does it work?

Airbnb promotes referrals as a low-cost form of marketing.

It works well for them. But it can work really well for you too!

You invite a friend using a custom web address or sign up code.

When your friend uses Airbnb, he saves £28 on his first booking, and you get £28 in credits for your next booking.


Let’s get started

  1. Join Airbnb with this link to save £28 on your first booking.
  2. Log onto Airbnb and under your profile is a link ‘Get Travel Credit’.
  3. You will see a unique web address. This allows Airbnb to know if you referred anyone.
  4. The page listing your referral code will have buttons to share your code or email. Your friends and followers will be happy to help you while they’re saving money.
  5. Get proactive  about sharing your code. If you’re a frequent traveller, your friends and family probably ask you for advice when they travel. When recommending a site with a referral program, suggest that they sign up using your code.

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