Make Money Hosting Parties With Home Selling

It’s estimated that half a million UK mums are supplementing their household income holding home-selling parties.

Along with the extra income, you are self employed and can pick your hours. And there is huge choice selling everything from cosmetics to handbags and lingerie.

The market is estimated to be worth more than £2 billion and the average party seller makes around £5,000 a year.

Let’s look at the brands you can work with.

The Body Shop At Home

To join costs £20 and you are provided with product demonstrations and beauty tips from a consultant.

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Ann Summers

Claims that you can earn around £250 a month for just one evening a week. They charge £49 for a starter kit with £300 with expert training.

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Sell more than makeup this includes housewares, jewellery and aromatherapy, so finding potential customers is easy. There is joining ree, rather an admin fee of £16 that will only be charged to your Representative account after you’ve placed your first order.

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Usborne Books

If you’ve got a passion for children’s books this is a great option. It costs £38 to join the team.

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Top tips

  • Check if anyone nearby you is promoting a brand – if so, it’s best to avoid it.
  • Select a brand of which products you actually like and in turn would be happy to promote.
  • Don’t forget about tax – the extra income will be welcome but you will still have to pay tax on your earnings.
  • Be aware there is a start up fee for most of these programmes.
  • Check with each programme what your commitments are for delivering items.

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