Get Paid To Review Music, Mobiles Or Clothes

Do you love music or clothes? If so, this is a simple way to earn a little cash. Read our guide on how to get going and find out how much you can.

Slicethepie lets you review unsigned bands and artists and in turn you earn cash. They have recently launched a feature to review mobiles/accessories and also fashion items. It’s a genuine site and to date they’ve paid out over £1 million in cash to reviewers.

This is a slow burner as it takes time to build up your reputation. A dedicated reviewer could be making £30/40 per month.

You’ll usually earn between 6-10p per review.

You can also earn through referrals based on a bonus scheme. So for each of your friends you encourage to sign up you will receive 10% of their earnings. If they earn £1 for reviews, you’ll earn 10p. Not big bucks if you love your music it’s not hard work.

Sign up to Slicethepie

1. Sign up for an account

Sign up and don’t forget to enter your friend’s referral code if you have one. Then activate the confirmation email.

2. Choose Music, Mobile and Fashion

Select your preferred review areas. You’ll need to go through a series of questions so they can build up your profile.

3. Review a music track

Make sure you write detailed and honest reviews. The higher the quality of your reviews will give you a higher rating and your earning power will increase.

4. Refer a friend

To maximise your earnings after you sign up make sure you refer friends using their link. This will earn you money for reviews you submit.

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