20 Websites To Sell Your Old Mobile – Top Tips To Help Earn £100s From Your Old Handset

Got an old phone you’re no longer using?

It’s best advised to sell it privately but if you need cash quickly, try these sites and be sure to compare who offers you the best price.

  1. O2 Recycle
  2. Giffgaff Recycle
  3. EE Recycle
  4. Sell My Mobile
  5. fonebank
  6. FoneHub
  7. Mazuma Mobile
  8. Mobile Phone Xchange
  9. MobileCashMate
  10. MusicMagpie
  11. TopDollarMobiles
  12. WeBuy
  13. Envirofone

Top tips to earn the most from your mobile

  • Compare the price offered across all the sites above.
  • Give the phone a good clean.
  • Ensure you sufficiently wrap the phone when posting it.
  • Don’t forget you won’t get the price quoted – it will depend on the condition.

What are your other options?

  • Sell it privately to a friend or family member. You can always check the price on the sites above and agree something similar.
  • Sell it on eBay – you’re likely to get more than the sites above. But it’s more hassle and will take longer to get the cash.

Private Sale Options

  1. Facebook Marketplace – It’s free!
  2. Gumtree – Use free listings
  3. eBay – Huge marketplace but there are fees
  4. Ask your friends and family. If you’re on Facebook do a status post.

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