Amazon Discount Finder Tool PLUS 25 Amazon Buying Tips

Instantly find hidden 80%+ off bargains including cameras, fashion, TVs & more. Scroll down for 25+ ways to save (and even make) money on Amazon.


1. 10 Amazon Links to Save YOU Money and Time

  1. Bargain Finder (This page!) Includes our amazing discount finder tool and 25+ Amazon buying tips.
  2. Free Amazon Prime trial for 30 days – Free next day delivery and lots of other benefits.
  3. Family – Share Prime benefits and more, including 20% of nappies & baby food
  4. Subscribe & Save (up to 15% on household products)
  5. Live Chat – got an issue? This is the best way to resolve it.
  6. Vouchers – browse them all in one place.
  7. Bestsellers – what’s everyone buying right now.
  8. Free Delivery item finder – helps you find items to get you to the all important £20 mark)
  9. 25+ survey sites – complete surveys and get rewarded with Amazon gift cards
  10. Warehouse deals – discounts on used/refurbished/returned goods

2. Use our Discount Finder for Amazon’s Secret Bargains

Amazon do not make it easy to find products with the biggest savings. So we created this tool to save you time and money.

Simply select your options in the form above, click “search” and Amazon will open in a new window with all your results. Simple!

3. Free Next Day Delivery with Amazon Prime

If you’ve not used Amazon Prime before it’s a fantastic service with loads of perks. We love the free next day delivery. It also gives you access to Amazon Instant Video. Sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

4. Check if Amazon is THE Cheapest

Amazon is regularly the cheapest option. But not always. Before you complete a purchase on Amazon, run a quick search through a comparison shopping site, such as Google Shopping.

5. Share your Amazon Prime Benefits with Amazon Household

Share your Prime benefits and purchases with an adult (and up to four children in your home), for free, via Amazon Household.

This is handy for things such as sharing e-books on more than one device, say a phone and a Kindle. What can you share? Prime Video streaming; early access to lightning deals, Kindle owners’ Lending Library; selected Amazon Family discounts.

6. Earn Amazon Vouchers through Online Surveys

Do you have free time to answer simple survey questions? In return companies will reward you with Amazon gift cards.

Browse our guide to the best paid online survey sites.

7. Keep an eye on Warehouse Deals

Amazon Warehouse Deals specialises in offering great deals on returned, warehouse-damaged, used, or refurbished products that are in good condition but do not meet Amazon’s standards as “new”.

They still come with all the benefits of Amazon fulfillment and customer service.

It can be a great place to spot a dealtake a look!

8. Check to see if you’re buying from Amazon or its Marketplace

Does the product show anything other than ‘sold by Amazon’? If so, the order is with a company selling on Amazon.

What does this mean? If there’s an issue with the item, you’ll need to communicate with the seller, not Amazon.

Delivery charges are also often higher.

9. Consider paying for Prime annually

We love Amazon Prime but it’s not for everyone. It can also encourage one to spend more online.

But if you do have Prime (or thinking of getting it), it’s cheaper to pay for 12 months upfront instead of monthly.

It’s £79 for the year. Or £7.99/month which comes to £95.88. Sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial for 30 days. Don’t forget to cancel it if you don’t wish to continue.

10. Combine Subscribe and Save with Amazon Family for 20% off Nappies

You can ‘offer stack’ the 5% off Subscribe and Save with the 15% off with Amazon Family to get the 20% off nappies or baby food.

Few things to mention. Don’t assume Amazon is always the cheapest. To qualify for the 15% off, you need to have five or more subscriptions delivered on the same day to the same address.


11. Use Live Chat to resolve any issues

You can’t call anyone at Amazon. They do this to keep their costs down.

Issues do crop up and we suggest you use their Live Chat feature as the best method to sort any issues.

Fill out the form then click on the “Start Chatting” button. Current Wait: 3 mins (avg 3) Hours: 24 hours, 7 days

12. Use this tool for free delivery trick

Amazon’s free delivery service is only available on orders of £20 or more, meaning if your basket is just below this then postage costs could be huge. This tool helps identify products that will bump you up to the magic £20 target.

You simply enter how much more you need to spend to get free delivery. Try out this brilliant tool here.

You can also beat delivery charges with a free Prime trial.

13. Check Amazon’s vouchers

This handy page collects all of Amazon’s voucher deals in one place. Do sign into your account as some vouchers are targeted to certain users.

One thing worth mentioning is that many of these voucher deals are the same, or at least similar, to the normal discounts you see on Amazon product pages i.e. 5% off nappies.

14. Is it cheaper on Amazon’s European sites?

There are occasions where you can save money by buying the product from Amazon’s European sites rather than Amazon UK.

Use the site to comparison check but also click through to the specific Amazon site just to double check. Sometimes gets it wrong.

It’s important to bear in mind the extra delivery charges you’re going to be hit with ordering from outside the UK. These can be up to £10. So bear this in mind with any cost saving calculations.

High end electricals are quite often cheaper outside the UK.

15. Browse Bestsellers

See what’s super popular on Amazon right now! This can also be a good way to spot a bargain. The page is updated hourly and you can browse by any category on Amazon.

16. Free price drop alert monitor

Get email alerts when there is a price drop on a product you are interested in with CamelCamelCamel.

You can also enter the web address of a product on the site and it will give you a historical chart of the Amazon price over time. Fascinating! A great way to see if a deal is all its cracked up to be!

17. Free £1 digital credit trick

Prime members can grab £1 free digital credit on selected items costing £3 or more on Amazon.

To get this you need to select for three to five day No Rush Delivery, instead of Prime’s default next day on the checkout.

You can see this free credit for digital products such as Kindle e-books or movie streaming.

18. Consider buying used books on Amazon

We suggest buying used books instead of brand new ones on Amazon. We regularly save up to 75% and the books are usually in good condition.

19. Get free delivery with a free Prime trial

You need to spend £20 on Amazon to qualify for free delivery.

You can sign up to Amazon Prime on a free trial and still get free delivery.

Do make sure you cancel it before the trial ends.Amazon Subscribe

20. Get 15% off household products

If you regularly order the same things off Amazon, you can make use of their Subscribe & Save service.

The default saving for one item is 5%. So say you have toilet rolls delivered every month, you’ll save 5%.

However, the more items you ‘subscribe’ to, the greater the savings. Order five or more subscriptions and you’ll save 15%.

Be careful though, as we’ve said above, Amazon is not always the cheapest, even with a discount applied.

The Subscribe & Save service covers a whole range of items you’re going to regularly need.

21. Use cashback credit card

Earn up to 5% every time you spend using a cashback credit card.

As always with credit cards, be sure to pay it off before accruing interest charges!

22. Get cashback on Amazon purchases

You won’t find Amazon on any top cashback sites like TopCashback and Quid Co.

But we have found one! Kidstart gives you 2% cashback to pass to your kids. The deal is that you have to put this money towards your child’s savings.

23. Make sure you check the delivery options

Always check your delivery options – something to be wary of if you do one-click ordering!

On many products the default option is first class, which is not free. Do make sure you check and change it.

24. Amazon music free trial

Get a free 30 day trial with access to over two million songs. The benefits include:

  • Listen, ad-free to over two million songs, hundreds of hand-built playlists and stations with unlimited skips
  • Access Prime Music through Fire devices, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, laptops or desktop
  • Listen anywhere, anytime with offline playback on your phone or tablet
  • Listen to Prime Music on your echo with Alexa
  • Benefit from all other additions Prime membership has to offer besides music
  • Get unlimited, FREE One-Day Delivery on millions of items
  • Watch over 15,000 movies and TV episodes with unlimited instant streaming
  • Borrow from thousands of titles from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
  • Secure, unlimited photo storage with anywhere access

25. Free cash with Amazon Associates

Got a blog/website or a decent following on any social networks?

Set up a free account with Amazon Associates and earn cash for linking to Amazon.

If someone clicks a link and buys a product you get a cut! Even better is that if they buy something else, you still get your commission.

26. Free Amazon vouchers with credit cards

There are some credit cards that will reward you with loyalty points that can be traded in for Amazon vouchers.

Amazon Platinum does exactly that. You get a £20 Amazon gift card when you become a cardholder for the first time, and then earn 1.5 Amazon Reward Points for every £2 you spend at Amazon  and one Amazon Reward Point for every £2 you spend elsewhere – 1,000 points can be exchanged for a £10 Amazon gift card.

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