9 Things In Your Home To Sell For Extra Money

“No one would want to buy this”, “It’s not worth anything”, or “It’s much easier to throw it away”.

The latter may be true but you’ll be surprised at how much extra money you can make if you take a closer look around your house.

I’ll walk you through all the different things you can earn some cash with and the best places online to make a sale.

Let’s stop throwing away money when you throw away your stuff!

And the basic rule: Whenever you finish using something, be its kids’ clothes that no longer fit or an embarrassing CD… sell it!

What can I sell?


Whether it’s clothing the kids have grown out of or anything you no longer wear, everyone has clothes they can get rid off.

Items you could sell include shirts, trousers, business clothing, shoes, jewellery, costumes, dresses, jackets, wedding dresses, belts, formal dresses and more.


Most of us have furniture that no longer serves a purpose. Perhaps you’ve moved or redecorated, take a look around! You might even wish to refurbish it a little before moving it on – that way making it more sellable which will in turn raise the price.

Appliances & Electronics

We’re inundated with new electronics these days. Got an old mobile phone? You could earn a lot by selling that – see our guide. How about laptops, desktops, cameras, TVs?

For appliances you might have a local store that will take it off your hands working or otherwise!


Bookcases filled with beautiful books look fantastic. But they are a great way to make easy cash if you have a stack you’re willing to part with.

There is a market for all kinds of second hand books including novels, textbooks or encyclopedias.


DVDs may be a dying trade but you can still make money selling your second hand movie collection or TV series.

Gift Cards

Many of us keep gift cards but never use them. Did you know you can sell them online? There are dedicated websites simply for this purpose and you’ll often get close to their value.

Sporting Goods

The kids might have outgrown the items or you may no longer be a heavy user of that treadmill! Have a good look around. Do you have any of the following? Kayak, ski boots, rolling blades, weights, skis or snowboards?

Ink cartridges

I think a large chunk of my audience will have some empty ink cartridges lying at the bottom of a drawer.

Sell them on!  The Recycling Factory, will pay you up to £4.10 per empty cartridge. Cash for Cartridges will pay as much as £4.50 a time.

Where you can sell stuff


Reach the biggest market possible.

Music Magpie

A great, well established site to sell your unwanted books, CDs, DVDs, Games or Blu Rays.

Facebook Groups

Local Facebook selling groups are taking over from eBay as the place to earn cash selling second hand stuff. With the launch of  ‘Marketplace’ on the Facebook app, it’s even easier. And unlike eBay there are no fees!

Amazon Marketplace

You can sell anything here but it’s a good option for selling books. Amazon provides full reviews from its database which can save time. If you’re selling a few items it’s 75p per item. For books Amazon then charges 15% on top as a fee.


Fantastic site dedicated to flogging second hand stuff. It’s free to sell on.


This free site can be an easy way to sell your stuff, but be safe and don’t fall for any Craigslist scams!

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